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Use this article to assist in completing a course with a pre- and post-assessment.

Step 1. Log in to the Learning Portal.

(Image of Learning Portal login screen)


Step 2. Click on the appropriate course you are required to complete.

(Image of My Courses screen)


Step 3. Certain EduRisk courses require a pre- and post-assessment as part of the course. Courses featuring assessments are separated into distinct modules. Click the Launch button under Module 1 to get started.

(Image of blue arrow pointing to black Launch bar)

*Note: Modules must be completed in sequential order. You cannot start Module 2 until Module 1 is complete. Nor can you start Module 3 until Module 2 is complete.


Step 4. You will receive a confirmation message stating “This link will launch a LTI tool on an external service.” Click Launch to open a new window and complete the assessment or simply wait for the new page to populate.

(Image of blue box around confirmation message and blue arrow pointing to Launch button)


Step 5. After answering the final question, you will receive a message stating you have successfully completed the assessment. It may take an additional 10 seconds for your completion of the assessment to register in the Learning Portal. Click the hyperlinked text to return to the Learning Portal.

(Image of completed assessment message)


Step 6. If you click on the link to return to the Learning Portal before 10 seconds you will receive a message that the module information is temporarily unavailable. To correct this, refresh your browsing tab. (Ctrl + R) or (Command ⌘ + R) for Apple users. Mobile users – scroll to the top of the page and release to refresh the page.

(Image of Module information is temporary unavailable. Please reload the page message)


Step 7. Module 1 will now show as complete and you will be able to open Module 2.

(Image of Module completion status)


Step 8. Upon completion of Module 2, you will be able to begin Module 3 which serves as the post-assessment. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 listed above to complete the post-assessment.

Step 9. Upon successful completion of the Module 3, you will have successfully completed the course. You can access your completion certificate through the My Completions tab or by opening the course completion email you will receive from the system.

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