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If you are unsure of your course completion, you should first check My Completions. You may need to click the blue "Click here to refresh the dashboard" link to pull in your latest course completion(s). 

(Image of blue Click here to refresh the dashboard link)

If your completion still does not appear after this time frame, please check the status indicator from the course launching page.

The course status is indicated in three ways:

1) An empty circle indicates that course or module has not yet been started.

(Image of empty circle on Launch bar)


2) An orange semi-circle indicates a course or module that is in progress.

(Image of orange semi-circle on Launch bar)


3) A circle with a check mark indicates that course or module has been completed.

(Image of circle with check mark on Launch bar)


If you are sure that you have completed the course, but you are still not receiving credit, click this link to email Web Support.


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